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Welcome to HighPoint

Highpoint Automation is a leader in the design, engineering and integration of industrial automation technologies. We believe in developing relationships with our clients for the purpose of understanding what they need and what drives them forward. We seek to provide consultative services that provide long term value, by leveraging the latest in technology, to align with the goals of our clients. We believe that it is important to not just consider the implications of today’s technologies, but to also be looking to the future to continually gain value from investments you make.

Services We Provide

Industrial Automation Systems

• PLC Engineering and Programming
• Automation upgrades and Additions
• Safety Upgrades
• HMI Programming

Robotic Systems

• Engineering and Design of Robotic Systems
• Welding
• Bin Picking
• Vision Guidance
• Material Handling
• Press Tending
• Collaborative Robotics

Electrical Engineering

• CAD Design and Engineering
• Consulting and Pre-Engineering Support

Panel Building

• In-House Panel Shop
• On-Site Panel Building
• Design and Engineering

We're On It

Running the race with strength, confidence, integrity and commitment to God, for our Families, our Employees, and our Customers.

“From the very beginning of HighPoint, we adapted this phrase to propel us into an attitude of success. “We’re On It!” is fully encompassing of everything we do on a daily basis. From the initial meeting with our customer, through the design phase, to the execution of the finished project, we always want to exemplify an attitude of positivity and success. “We’re On It!” is a reminder to each employee of an expectation we hold, and a promise to our customers to meet the expectations they hold.” – Jerry Cardinal



Turnkey solutions




Pick & Place


Press Tending




Vision Guided


Automation & Content Providers

We are proud to maintain expert partnerships with skilled platform and content providers to deliver the best automation and control systems directly to you.